Company History

  • Artistry & Creativity 100%
  • Family Business 100%
  • Dedicated Team 100%
  • Professionalism 100%

Our Story

In 1993, the first block was cut. After 10 years of practice, Cool Carvings began as a part-time side job in 2003. Jeff & Brooke Addison took the leap of faith together and in January of 2006, a full-time business was born in our shop in Grandview, MO. Cool Carvings is a small, family business, yet a very busy one. It takes a dedicated team to keep this going. It couldn’t be done without the help, talents, and time from family, working partner Kevin, and all of our installation crew…Clint, Danny, Damon, Levi, Mark, Rob, Scott, Sean, Steve, and Wayne. We are the KC COOL CREW!

Thank you so much for Cool Carvings’ generous support of Party Arty! I cannot tell you how surprised we all were to see the sculpture when it arrived for VIP. It was so jaw-dropping and dramatic – it truly was the centerpiece of VIP. You really went above & beyond!

Elizabeth Arnold

Nelson-Atkins Party Arty Vice Chair, Nelson-Atkins Museum