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Cool Carvings has several options in each factor for you to choose from to determine the price and order what’s perfect for you! Until we can talk, meet, or email to get all the event information and your needs determined, here are some price ranges of our two most popular requests. and your needs determined, here are some price ranges of our two most popular requests.

Full Service Package

The Full Service Package price ranges from $550 – $850 for most single and double block orders delivered in the metropolitan KC area. Please contact us for quoting additional fees for orders outside of the KC area and larger scale projects. Secondary single-block displays at the same event start at $380.

Customer Pick Up

Customer Pick Up orders, with value display equipment included, ranges from $365- $395 for many single block orders.

Ice Block Sales

For Chefs, Bartenders, and Do-It-Yourselfers: ICE BLOCK

Pricing is for pick up orders. Delivery is available.

  • Clear Clinebell standard carving block, 20” x 10” x 40” … $75
  • Clear Clinebell block, 30” x 10” x 30” … $95
  • White ice, standard block, 20” x 10” x 40” … $75
  • Colored carving block … $90
  • Prepared carving block … $100
  • Half block … $45

Non-Profit Group Discounts

Non-profit organizations receive a 20% discount off block charges, and free display equipment rental in inventory. Please present a copy of your State registration and State sales tax exempt paperwork to qualify.

Guest Table Centerpieces

Guest Table Centerpieces of ice make the dining table sparkle and are a topic of conversation – an ice breaker! Starts at $95 per display and includes a contemporary clear acrylic display box that collects the drip and has a battery operated LED light to shine up through the ice. The interior of the display box can also be decorated with floral, beads or gems, and other décor. Delivery and service fees will apply.

Budget Party Ice

So maybe you are hosting a backyard party, tailgate, or want to take something fun on the camping trip. Cool Carvings offers shot slide blocks starting at $125 for customer pick up, and custom designed shot slides starting at $325. Check out the portfolio “Just for the fun of it!” in our Ice Gallery. Delivery is available for an additional fee.

Ice Bars

Wow your guests with a functional bar made entirely of ice, custom designed and accented with engravings and bar accessories. Full-service packages start at $2,500 for 7’ ice bars with premium acrylic floor platforms that collect the drip, and have programmable LED color lighting.

Sculpture Cost

Custom sculpting is our specialty, and since every display is unique, so is the pricing. The sculpture cost is determined on the quantity of ice block used and the amount of shop hours to produce your sculpture.   Let us know if you have a design in mind, or if you need some help in designing and creating your custom art. It is also very helpful to let us know your predetermined budget so that appropriate suggestions can be made. A single to 1.5 block sculpture price range is $340 – $475. A double-block display range is $500 – $680. Additional fees may apply for upgrades.

Sculpture Upgrades

Popular sculpture upgrades include:

  • Suspending and freezing objects in the block such as pictures or flowers starts at $25.
  • Adding color to engraved logos starts at $50.
  • Drink slides with suspended coiled tubing in the block, funnel, and spout starts at $50.

Display Equipment Options

Value display equipment kit starting at $49 includes:

  • clear plastic disposable display tray for the ice sculpture to be placed in, sized 24”x18”, or 44”x22” (+$10)
  • drain tube and drain container to go under your table
  • a foam riser for under the tray that houses two units of battery operated LED lighting to shine up through the ice (additional LED units are $15 each.)

Premium display equipment rental is included in every full-service package, or is available for rental starting at $45 (conditions apply), and consisting of:

  • clear acrylic display tray that is more formal in presentation available in a square 24” x 24”, or a rectangular 44” x 22”, 64” x 22”, or multiple trays end-to-end for longer lengths
  • drain tube and drain container to go under your table
  • a low-profile light box is placed under the tray with LED lighting that plugs in, is very bright, and can be changed to a colored light if you prefer
  • table support bracing under your table to ensure a safe and secure display

Transport Fees

If you are in need of delivery, which most customers are, please let us know where your reception or party will be held and the date of your function. With that information, we can figure what type of transport we need (freezer truck or van), and the cost can be estimated for the mileage at the current rate.

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