The Good Times

1993-2002 Chef Jeff carves, a lot, on a back dock at night when its cooler.
2003 Brooke created company name. Ice production and carving began under Cool Carvings out of a garage part-time.
2005 Jeff and Cool Carvings were featured on the cover of The Kansas City Star’s, Kansas City Magazine with full-length story.
2006 Took the leap to full-time and acquired our current building location in Grandview. Hottest summer ever! 90 degree weather started in April. Increased block production from 4 blocks per week to 18 blocks per week in the summer, and 36 blocks per week in the winter.
2007 First large scale job of 20 blocks or more for Westrope, and introduced KC to it first ever suspended ice display.
2008 The famous Player Piano was designed and built with animation.
2009 Reached beyond KC and started regional sales in cities across Missouri and Kansas.
2010 Commissioned to produce a 21’ train for Kansas City Southern which became an annual order.
2011 Introduced new to the market a non-traditional sized ice block maker, a 30” x 30” block. This opened the doors for new designs and larger logo engravings. Also introduced a new premium material for printing logos on, and then freezing and suspending the print in ice, an option to hand engraved logos.
2012 Commissioned to produce ice sculptures for the MLB All-Star Game and festivities.
2013 Commissioned to construct an 8’ tall x 32’ long ice wall with logos for Winefest
2014 Commissioned to produce ice sculptures for all of the Royals Playoff games, the World Series Gala, and the World Series games.
2015-2016 I can’t wait!

The ice sculpture was a major hit at our auction!! It should definitely be in your Hall of Fame. I have been telling everyone we need you for EVERY event. Thank you again for your service and creativity and professionalism.

Millie Brown

Rockhurst High School benefit

Thank you for the beautiful ice sculptures for Kellen and Cierra’s wedding. They were absolutely amazing and added the “Pop” of beauty that made the reception memorable.

Donna Johnson

Mother of the Bride