Makeup Games

Summertime is here and now is the time for all you beautiful teenagers to show off your beautiful makeups and get ready for a night out on the town. It’s the best time to get all dressed up and try all the new eye shadows and lip colors. There are so many awesome lip colors and eye shadows to choose from that you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect shade or color to complement your make up and hair color. With the right shades, this year’s look will be a huge hit and everyone will want to know how to win the Makeup Games during the big night.

How To Win The Makeup Games. Get your game face on at these awesome winning products. Take your summer makeup look from the mirror to the nearest magazine rack. Prove your inner beauty with highlighters, shadow, eyeliners, and lipstick.

One of the most popular games is the Makeup Game Challenge. This fun game is simple to play and easy to learn. You are given three minutes to apply five different lipsticks to your face while saying one of the following: “I’m a clown”, “I’m a lady”, “I’m a pirate”, and “I’m a robot”. After the timer is up, the first player who can say the fastest number of statements in under three minutes wins the game.

Another great game is the Makeup Game Bonus Round. In this game, players get to choose a make up shade as their shade and apply it to their mouth. They have two minutes to try on all the colors they picked. The first person to get five out of the fifteen colors in the selection wins. Remember that there are only fifteen colors and that you need to use all fifteen to be eligible for the winning prize.

Makeup Artist’s worst nightmare is the Makeup Game Deathmatch. You have fifteen seconds to apply five coats of mascara, put on make-up, and blow on your favorite fragrance before your timer is reset. If you are successful, your competitor will spray you with perfume and your make up will smear everywhere. The first person to get five makes takes the win.

One more game, you might like is the Lip Smear Game. Like the name says, all you do is smear somebody else’s lip with your own. For this game, you are given two minutes to apply a lip gloss and lip balm, each followed by a minute of time to think about what color you want to use. Once the timer is up, another player can lick their lips. The first player to lick their lips takes the win. This is a silly game, but one you will certainly get entertained by.