Memory Games

Memory games for kids can be very fun and engaging. They:

First, you:

First of all, there is a game called the rhyming word game. This game is a simple memory game, and the object is to say as many words as possible in the shortest time. To do this, you: hold up a piece of paper, making sure it is large enough to write on, and use a pen or a pencil. On your paper, write as many different words as you can, in the order you want. When you have written all of the words on your paper, you must repeat the game with only the first letter of the word that you wrote the first time.

Another memory games for children that I like is one where you: find a small item in your tray and try to remember how you came by it. To do this, you: have to find the item in your bag without opening your bag, or cupboard. If you do open your bag or cupboard, remember how you came by it. Say the name of the item you found in your bag; you are allowed to write the name down, and you are not allowed to copy it (unless you can say the word correctly). Then, say the name of the item you found in your cupboard, and you must remember how you found it.

A third game that I find extremely fun is: Memory match. In this game, you: take two sets of items, called ‘word lists’, and rub them together with your hands so that they match. For example, take a set of long and short words, say fifty words, and rub those words together until they make a word list. Once you have made a word list, say the word to the player, who then searches it from left to right through the grid of letters. The person who finds the most words first wins. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The final memory game for children that I will talk about today is: Charades. In this game, you: have to choose three different shapes, say snakes, apples, fish, and cubes. Then place them on a circular table, face down. You have to guide all the shapes towards the items that are right at their eye level, and say as many words as possible using the short-term memory of your legs.