Monster Games

Monster Games has been founded in 1996 by Kim Long, Northfield, Minnesota. Very shortly after, they established themselves as a serious racing game developer – still on the official website of the company, they’re still known as Monster Games now. They have several hit games: Monster Raving Rabbids, World in Conflict and Return to Castle Wolf Ridge. These games are developed by the now long-time independent studio, Cryptic Studios.

The monster games are not exactly violent; there’s no blood, no monsters, but it doesn’t mean that the game is non-violent. On the contrary, the emphasis is more on puzzle solving and logic than violence. Monster games usually start with you in first person view, telling the story from your point of view. You are assigned a specific character (there are many different types of people in the game) and you have to solve puzzles, avoid obstacles and run from enemies in order to win.

In Monster Games, the player has to use a variety of methods in order to succeed. In one level of World in Conflict for example, the player has to guide an Excite Bot through the levels, avoiding obstacles, shooting at enemies and destroying objects in order to reach the goal. Once there, the Bot will get stuck on something and need to be repaired. There are several objects in this level that can be destroyed or moved, and once the Excite Bot moves on them, it will lose power and have to recharge again.

A similar game is called Viper Racing, which is part of the excite series. Again, in this game, the objective is to shoot at the enemy. The object in this game is to destroy every enemy on your path, while also avoiding obstacles such as speed bump spikes, holes and others. This game is part of the Viper 10-game series, which was produced by Sega. Another version of this game was developed by Sega for the Game Gear platform.

Another version of Excite Bike is called Nascar Heat. This racing game is similar to its predecessor, Viper Racing, and takes place on the tracks of the famous NASCAR race. In this game, as in the previous ones, the player needs to guide the Excite Bot across the tracks using various controls and barriers in order to win the race. The game’s difficulty increases as the game goes on, so players should be prepared before starting to play this racing game.

There are several other games in the excite series for the Nintendo Wii. The original release of these games featured only the controller in the game, but the latest releases feature the use of both the wii remote and nunchuck. Monster Games is especially interesting, as they teach children basic skills in physics and action through the use of gaming mechanics. It seems that Wii owners will be able to continue playing these games after they have grown out of their teenage years.